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All locations: .3885845, .0125804
Globalhash: -20.054787554491, -175.47107031382 (GeoNames)

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Expeditions and Plans

Brisbane, Australia Ged3000 someone's drive, in Chermside.
Danville, Illinois Buttercup, StatMan22 A field just Southwest of Lafayette, for the second straight day! Different...
Boston, Massachusetts Phyzome, alex Inside the chain link perimeter of an Avis car rental lot. Probably not rea...
McMinnville, Oregon Jim Farm land south of Hillsboro
Zürich, Switzerland Calamus Another field near Erlinsbach.
Landshut, Germany Zertrin, vermouthandgin Around 30 meters in some woodland next to a field, not far away from Auerba...
Pforzheim, Germany Hijackal, Frizzy On a field/meadow in Strohbach by Gengenbach. Possibly quite close to the n...
Frankfurt am Main, Germany QuarterCacher, Mampfred On a frozen field near in Gückingen not far from Limburg.

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