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All locations: .3984046, .9858954
Globalhash: -18.287163784309, 174.9223261368 (GeoNames)

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Expeditions and Plans

Melbourne, Australia Stevage In scrub off a 4wd track, 10km from the Eildon-Jamieson Rd, in Big River St...
Lafayette, Indiana Buttercup, StatMan22 It appears to be in a field West of Lafayette/West Lafayette, near the Waba...
Portland, Oregon Jim Farmland south of Hillsboro
Basel, Switzerland Calamus A field near Erlinsbach.
München, Germany Zertrin, vermouthandgin In the middle of a field, south of the village called Wartenberg, about 50 ...
Strasbourg, France Hijackal, Frizzy In a forest near Gengenbach.
Surrey, British Columbia discoguy77 East side of Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve, towards river from Spur 4 ...
Bonn, Germany QuarterCacher, Mampfred In the woods near Hambach not far from Limburg.

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