2013-01-13 50 8

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Sun 13 Jan 2013 in 50,8:
50.3885845, 8.0125804

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On a frozen field near in Gückingen not far from Limburg.



We've started the geohashing season yesterday with 2013-01-11 50 8 and the Sat/Sun coordinates are so close to each other (if you cross the graticule that is but still) that we couldn't restist another midnight double. They are also not far fromthe Autobahn which is another plus.


Coming from our first hash of the night, we again parked about 220 meters from the hash. Since we were a little bit early, we killed some time with a refreshing Bionade and some pretzels.

We then headed out to the field which was essentially frozen grass. The hash was easily found, QuarterCacher played a little with his headlamp, we snapped another picture and headed back home were we arrived around 12:45am. This time, the thermometer in the car even greeted us with -6°C.


See here for both hashes of the night.



  • Land
  • Frozen
  • Midnight
  • Consecutive x 3