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West of -30°: .0765388, .2084135
East of -30°: .7328832, .5090901
Globalhash: 41.918979830737, 3.2724472552524 (GeoNames)

Photo Gallery

Expeditions and Plans

Santa Ana, California LucasBrown Just barely in somebody's fenced-in backyard off Cantle Lane in Rancho Sant...
Las Vegas, Nevada RocketMac, the wyf, jon, the cab driver The parking lot of a PT's Pub South of the airport and West of the Strip
Schaumburg, Illinois starbird, jackazzzz In a field near the Sears campus in Hoffman Estates.
Pforzheim, Germany Ekorren Bad Wildbad, in rough terrain in the mountains
Erfurt, Germany Jens, räbe Forest near Zeutsch
Enschede, Netherlands Shevek On the roadside in an industial part of Hoogeveen.
Västerås, Sweden the ru In the forest south of Mungasjön, near Västerås, Sweden.

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