2012-07-16 42 -88

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Mon 16 Jul 2012 in 42,-88:
42.0765388, -88.2084135

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In a field near the Sears campus in Hoffman Estates.


starbird, pulling strings



I happened to check the day's hashpoints (centered on the Madison grat, where I live) rather late in the day. Aside from a nearby easy point in Cottage Grove, which I was evidently too lazy to get out and visit, I noticed that the Schaumburg hashpoint lay just outside the big Sears campus in Hoffman Estates. This was interesting because an adventurous friend of mine from Tokyo now works there. But it was already 6:30 PM, and he would have gone home by then.

I sent him a by-the-way, disappointed sort of email, and a few hours later, photos appeared in my inbox! Apparently he works later than I gave him credit for.


I had left the office but was at a nearby Indian restaurant eating chaat for dinner. When I saw how close the hashpoint was to the office, I figured I had to make my contribution to the furtherment of humanity. My panorama gear was already in the car. Due to nettles and grasshoppers (and inability to see the location in detail on a blackberry) I didn't penetrate the field all the way to the hashpoint, but got within 100 feet.



Jackazzzz earned the cubicle geohash honorable mention
by working near the (42, -88) geohash on 2012-07-16.
Jackazzzz earned the Velociraptor Geohash Consolation Prize
by being intimidated by grasshoppers from reaching the (42, -88) geohash on 2012-07-16.
2012-07-16 42 -88 thistle.jpg
starbird earned the Puppet Master Consolation Prize
by manipulating jackazzzz to approach the (42, -88) geohash on 2012-07-16.
2012-07-16 42 -88 thistle.jpg