2012-02-29 49 -123

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Wed 29 Feb 2012 in 49,-123:
49.3129303, -123.1794689

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2012-02-29 49 -123.swords1.jpg
2012-02-29 49 -123.swords2.jpg


In left to right order in the photos:

Official Alternate Location[edit]

An official alternate has been established at Academie Duello 412 West Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC (south side of Hastings just west of Homer). Meet up time is 6:50 am. Swords will be provided. You must be on the floor in workout clothes (like what you'd wear for yoga) by seven a.m. or there will be punishment.

If the day's location is good, we can leap there later.

Note that parking is free until 9 a.m., you can bring your bike inside, and it is very close to the Waterfront Skytrain station. No excuses!

If you're reading this after the fact and think you'd like to try, contact Wade, Robyn, Rhonda or Academie Duello directly for a buddy day invitation or a free trial lesson in Western martial arts.

Actual Location[edit]

Discovered after sword class: in the water off Ambleside beach. A bit farther from shore than a previous epic Vancouver hashpoint, which may have featured plastic cutlasses.


Six geohashers and one xkcd reader (who wondered about all the xkcd t-shirts but didn't know about geohashing) played with swords for an hour. (Along with the rest of the class who had been invited by other people.) There was leaping over swords. There was leaping with swords. There was leaping away from swords. There was a small amount of staggering around muttering that that was enough leaping.

[Note that it was snowing this morning]
Wade: Do you think Rhonda will ride her bicycle in bare feet today?
Robyn: I think Rhonda will take the SeaBus.
Wade: That's what I like about Rhonda. Just the right mixture of insane and sensible.

There were more great pronouncements, but I don't remember them all.

Robyn isn't in the pictures because she had to leave for an appointment.