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West of -30°: .3129303, .1794689
East of -30°: .7230499, .5646499
Globalhash: 40.148983797325, 23.273964921964 (GeoNames)

Photo Gallery

Expeditions and Plans

Beaumont, Texas Lonny Friendship Road in Silsbee, Tx
Levelland, Texas GFrohman 2012 Leap Day Geohash! In a farm area, outside of Meadow, near Brownfield,...
Washington (West), District of Columbia Mike has not been determined.
Danbury, Connecticut NCommander North of Bridgeport
Aurora, Illinois The Wife, EvilUncleNomo In a patch of woods near Wilmington, Illinois, U.S.A.
Boston, Massachusetts Phyzome Probably on someone's driveway * Near Lost Pond Reservation * Border of New...
Grand Rapids, Michigan Bredehoft Battle Creek, Michigan
Schaumburg, Illinois FireTrophy Field outside of Volo, IL. Google maps lists nearest address as 30981 N Fi...
Renfrew, Ontario User:PhilRichard in a pig farmers field off of Upper Dwyer Hill Road.
Bern, Switzerland TheOneRing on a meadow in Höfen near Thun.
Seattle, Washington Monovitae Currently Unknown
Vancouver, British Columbia Rhonda, Wijnland, Robyn, User:thepiguy, Wade, MylSh An official alternate has been established at Academie Duello 412 West Hast...
Mannheim, Germany alech In a meadow next to Zwingenberg-Rodau.
Schweinfurt, Germany Rincewind, Mampfred In the woods near Schmalkalden.
Malmö, Sweden Llavids In a field outside Harlösa, Sjöbo, Skåne, Sweden.
Uppsala, Sweden Carl-Johan In a pine forest with very old and tall trees near Skokloster.
Skien, Norway relet In one of the mining areas near Kongsberg, Norway

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