2010-05-21 49 -123

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The Vancouver Mouseover Day festivities will be at the Surrey Geohash. Stop reading this page and go there.

May 21st is Geohashing Day, which dedicated geohashers strive to recognize with a special expedition.

2009-05-21 48 -123 cakeUneaten.jpg

Fri 21 May 2010 in 49,-123:
49.2624552, -123.4351431

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Inaccessible. See the Surrey graticule. The Vancouver location (see right) was in the middle of the water.


  • No one

Intended Participants[edit]

The following intended to participate and/or helped plan the graticule's official Geohashing Day celebration.

  • user:thepiguy has work on Friday but will let nothing else stand in his way.
  • Rhonda will try to get away from work early.
  • Robyn is expecting to be here and available.
  • yangman loves his flex-hour telecommute schedule.
  • Wade has an important, fun and valuable work event on that day, which he really should not miss. So if he calls in sick and shows up at a geohash instead of work, you won't tell, will you?
  • Xore also has an important, fun and valuable work event on that day. Will try to get out early, wouldn't tell if anyone called in sick. All the better if it rains?
  • srs0 hopes to be there. He has work, but may be able to leave early if necessary.
  • Elbie hopes to be there too, but has to be at work from 17-19.
  • Arbron is available and ready to hash.


Vancouver's 2010 Geohashing Day expedition will be in the Surrey graticule.

Mouseover Day will be celebrated in the Vancouver graticule.