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All locations: .2382246, .4560588
Globalhash: -47.119579275123, -15.818836072986 (GeoNames)

Photo Gallery

Expeditions and Plans

Pensacola, Florida User:Bos Somewhere
Lake City, Florida Mr. Bow Tie, Woodveil Mr. Bow Tie * Woodveil Once again Mr. Bow Tie and Woodveil had joined fo...
Newark, New Jersey Jevanyn Somewhere
Boston, Massachusetts User:SignalPAD These coordinates were around Ashland aside a road. Had this been summer th...
Fond du Lac, Wisconsin starbird, Bill Minser This looked like an opportunity to save the Fond du Lac graticule from laps...
Seattle, Washington New User was in Tacoma on a sidewalk in front of a home on S. Ainsworth Avenue.
Bristol, United Kingdom Someone went An alternate location was set up in the middle of a square in Bath. Rowadanr...
Cambridge, United Kingdom Stephen Turner, Benjw Only a few metres off a public footpath, in a fenced horses' field which is...
Enschede, Netherlands Arvid Arvid's tracklog by bicycle. So I wanted to leave around noon. It became 1...

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