2009-02-28 51 -2

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Sat 28 Feb 2009 in 51,-2:
51.2382246, -2.4560588

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An alternate location was set up in the middle of a square in Bath. Rowadanr attended since he was in Bath anyway.


Arrived in Bath via the Park&Ride bus, and sauntered into the square about half an hour early. On the way there an amusing street performer, who was juggling flaming torches atop a 10-foot high unicycle, distracted me. After watching the rest of his show and making a donation, I got into the square pretty much on the dot 4 o'clock. Only to find that some people from a voluntary organization seemed to have parked a taxi right on the meetup point. After some consideration, in which I may have vocalized my thought processes (In which I blamed velociraptors a number of times). this would explain the odd looks I got from passers by. I eventually decided to attach my specially-prepared sign to a nearby and unoccupied bench, with masking tape, and take a few proof photos, as well as a few of the cathedral and my surroundings. After this, I left the sign there and proceeded to Waterstones’, where I found a few books that I ought to buy once I’m finished with the current series I’m on. On the streets I also found a rather nice rural band playing banjos, guitars and violins. I am at the time of writing on their website and listening to their tunes.

Jolly good short adventure, I say, and there were chips for tea!


To be added as soon as I find the adaptor cable for the camera, which seems to have gone walkabout