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I'm Rowadanr, Rowad for short, or David Rowan if ye want my birth name. I rather like "Rowad", though. It sorta-not-quite rhymes with "road", and I like roads. Though cross-country is also a favoured form of travel, roads have always been a symbol of movement and adventure. A nother anomaly in a croud of anomalusness, I'm an otherkin Elf who is at the time of writing just starting to really get into Geohashing, and will hopefully be able to endeavor to a number of Hashes. I live in Shepton mallet, almost right in the middle of the Bristol Graticule, and thus sould have access to nearby hashes in almost any direction. I hash by bus, on foot and occasionally by bicycle. I'm thinking of introducing a freind to it so that crazy adventures may be had by all. I'm generally renowned among my freinds for setting off on strange escapades, armed only with my sketchbook, some string, my trusty novelty extendable fork and my Somerset Student's Travelcard