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Sat 28 Feb 2009 in 52,6:
52.2382246, 6.4560588

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There were two reasonably close hashes for Arvid, one at 35km, one at 40km. The second one looked like it was inside a barn though. The first was in a field, not that far from the Holterberg, the steepest hill of the province. Since I needed some hill-riding training I could combine something here.

To make it a little more complicated, my mom was over. She knows that I usually spent quite some hours cycling on saturdays. I thought she was staying another night, so I planned just to cycle in the afternoon, and be back before the evening.

My mom on the other hand, thought she'd leave and go to her brother in Deventer instead. Hey, that means I have nothing I have to take into account! I can cycle more! I could, for instance, go visit them after the hashpoint, since that's about halfway anyway.

If I would feel really well I could go over the Holterberg another time.



Arvid's tracklog by bicycle.

So I wanted to leave around noon. It became 12:35 before I left. I was gonna go over the Holterberg twice vv, and then to the hashpoint. One ride vv was expected at around an hour, so when it was just after 15:00 after the first time I decided to go back at around 70-80% the second time.

Just after 16:00 I was at the point on the road where I wanted to get off my bike. The hashpoint was still 450m away, as the crow flies. Therefor I will not call this a successful 4pm hash. I got off my bike, and walked into the field. I heard a dog bark, and it sounded if it was getting closer, but I couldn't see it. I did walk back for a bit, but since it stopped barking and I didn't see it, I continued. Next to the treeline where I walked a hare ran away.

I had seen there was some ditch, and my plan was to jump over it. Reality made me decide not to, at 16:10. But! I could see a bridge a little further. In this fog in these fields no one will notice anyway, so I walked there. I was walking just next to the water when I heard a dog bark again. I could see this one(no trees to obstruct my view this time), and it was coming my way. It was still a bit far. I decided to walk back to the bridge calmly. The dog barked some more, and came a bit closer. Then stood still for a while, and then it returned to the farm. Since the danger had disappeared I turned around and walked towards the hash again. I walked into the field, found out I was on the wrong side of a small ditch, walked around it, and success! By that time it was 16:21, and my shoes and socks were wet.

I walked back, the dog noticed me again, and I think the farmer also did, but they didn't bother to come to me and ask me what I was doing there. I crossed the bridge again, and walked straight to my bike again, while my socks and shoes were getting soaked. To the hash I walked 1.2km, and 700m back.

I had something to eat, and looked how to get to Deventer. I told my mom I'd be there at about 17:00. Estimating it would take me about an hour to get there from the hash. I only left the road close to the hash at 16:37. I arrived at my uncle's place at 17:40. My pace wasn't exactly what I'd expect it to be. Oh wait, I climbed these hills!

My uncle offered me something to eat, since it was about dinnertime. I hesitated because I know it's tricky to have dinner and cycle, but I had some dinner. My doubts were correct though. My intestines were busy quite a while, and I only left there at 20:35. My plan was: arrive at 17:00, leave at 17:30, and maybe, just maybe, go over the Holterberg once again. It's quite clear I didn't really consider that last bit anymore, I guess.

It's about a 2-2.5 hour ride(57km) from my uncles place to my home. I arrived home at 23:10.