2009-02-28 47 -122

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Sat 28 Feb 2009 in Seattle:
47.2382246, -122.4560588

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Today's Geohash was in Tacoma on a sidewalk in front of a home on S. Ainsworth Avenue.

New User's Expedition[edit]

Since it was only a couple miles from my home, I walked to this hashpoint. I made a mental picture of the screenshot from Google maps, and since it was so close to home the directions weren't hard to memorize. Even though I had intended on arriving at the point at 4:00 PM, great boredom and concern for incoming weather had me leave my home earlier and I arrived at the hashpoint at 2:50 PM. I brought my digital camera and snapped a couple photos of the hashpoint, deliberately imitating what I had seen on Google. I didn't hang around because it had started to drizzle. The weather was overall quite nice, though. Below is a comparison image of my photo and the one from Google.

My photo compared to the Google screenshot.