2009-02-28 43 -88

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Sat 28 Feb 2009 in Fond du Lac:
43.2382246, -88.4560588

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starbird, Bill Minser, and the Agrarian Toddler


This looked like an opportunity to save the Fond du Lac graticule from lapsing into inactivity (last expedition 2008-09-02), and only coincidentally to check off another square on our Minesweeper achievements. The hash was ten miles north of Oconomowoc, in the town of Ashippun. It was near a rural crossroads, about 75m from the road.

This is farm country, but the spot turned out to be in the back yard of a large new non-farmlike house. The householder seemed bemused by our explanations, but was a good sport about it. (Note: bringing a two-year-old along is good Ambassadorship.) She also pointed out that one of the outbuildings near the hash spot was in fact a henhouse. The toddler had never met real chickens before, so we went over for a closer look, and the ladies came out to greet us.


The most promising pie possibility was five miles east at the Holy Hill Café in Hubertus. This is on the grounds of Holy Hill, a Roman Catholic shrine. The café has a reputation for excellent pie. Alas, when we arrived we discovered that it closes at 4 PM on Saturdays, and you know where we were at 4 PM. So with tears in our eyes, we made our way back to Oconomowoc and searched for a secular source of pie.

We ended up at a place called Georgina's, on the western outskirts of Oconomowoc. That's really what it's called; it's on the menus that way and everything. Why is that odd? Well, the huge sign in front of the place (see photo below) announces the name Gorgina's. No E. At least the sign is the same on both sides.

You might think that this sort of error does not bode well for the quality of the food there. You'd be right.