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West of -30°: 0.5095264463869317, 0.5215911826227673
East of -30°: 0.3859189793932023, 0.0292893119354716

Arrow4.png Note: The above coordinates are indeed correct. The coordinates for west of -30° were originally disputed due to an error in the reference implementation using corrupted data for Monday 2 June. If you have concerns, direct them to Talk:2008-06-02.


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Expeditions and Plans

Brisbane, Australia Ubethatway, KzazB, Cpt.Hardthing Somewhere
Canberra, Australia Polysylabic Pseudonym Psud made his way as close as he could to this point. Unfortunately it exis...
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Dani Drive-by by Dani in Crown Heights Park in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Crown H...
Sacramento, California Kelsa just off a road in the middle of Sacramento's Greenhaven neighborhood. It ...
Eugene, Oregon St. Brown I was unable to reach the actual location due to an electric gate and numer...
Portland, Oregon Someone went Expeditions Today's point is south of the intersection of SE 139th & Mill....
Norrköping, Sweden Effbot Time for a drive-by geohashing, this time using the Norrköping graticule (5...

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