2008-06-02 38 -121

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Mon 2 Jun 2008 in 38,-121:
38.5095264, -121.5215912

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This Geohash is just off a road in the middle of Sacramento's Greenhaven neighborhood. It is just past an over pass, and just before the first street. This is literally 6 blocks from my Grandmother's house. Since I was going to be in the neighbor hood anyway I made the excursion. - Kelsa

Marginal Success[edit]

I went to the Geohash at about 5:00 When I went to this location I was with my Grandmother and she waited in the car while I "hiked" back up to the site. I only had my iPhone for photos and I was having trouble accessing the map site using mobile Safari; so my location was approximate. There are some pictures of the site and my shadow; but not of myself. - Kelsa