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Sun 1 Jun 2008 in -35,148:
-35.3491079, 148.9162389

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Welcome to another edition of... "It's a successful geohash from the Canberra group!"

The Place[edit]

35.3491079341188037, 148.9162389042702137. 800m off Paddy's River Road, just past Pierces Creek. link.

Arrow4.png Note: the spot we're going to looks like a fingerprint! Zoom in on satellite view and see!

The People[edit]

  • Joanna - is excited about going to remote locations with strange men :)
  • Nemo - is a strange man, but not in the way that you may expect given Joanna's statement!
  • Andi - Nemo's housemate
  • Psud - Who scouted the location earlier in the day. Is there a prize for dual visitations?
  • Kieran - another strange man!
He [Psud] came in earlier to dig the shallow graves
Nemo, to Joanna

Psud's First Visit[edit]

Psud leads the way across the "bridge" over the blackberry gully

Psud was bored. He should have been brewing, having said he would prepare a beer for next time the hash falls in Canberra on a weekend. Psud decided to check out the hash instead.

Guided by a paper map, he drove to the location. Psud was surprised to find traffic. Cars passed him going the other way; a charter bus was parked within 200m of the hash. On the good side, signs marked out the way to the road nearest the hash.

It turned out that trees were being planted on the other side of the track from the hash. Greening Australia were busy making a black bit of Australia a little bit greener. Scouts were helping. This area, like everything else within kilometres of it, was burned out at Christmas in 2003, in a bushfire that destroyed hundreds of homes in Canberra. Psud found that fungi were eating the fallen and burned trees.

Psud explored. He found a fallen tree that would serve as a bridge. It reached within a metre of the far side of a shallow gully full of thorny blackberry bushes. The bridge has a certain degree of spring to it, so one can leave the far end of it in the same way as one leaves a diving board. Psud sprang towards the hash.

Psud plans on returning during blackberry season.

A short way beyond the bridge, Psud's GPS showed he was on the spot. Psud made a mark.

Never trust GPS in rural areas


Note how the GPS device has been naturally attracted to the google maps marker!

Nemo, Andi and Joanna made it to the designated nearby meet spot a little early and found evidence of treasures (keys, locks and emergency meetup signposts). Psud and Kieran joined shortly and led the way down the path of much dust.

The Story and Photos![edit]

We followed random paths through the forest regrowth - tackling blackberry brambles and ad-hoc log bridges over gullies, till we found the "the spot" by the GPS. It disagreed slightly with the spot found earlier by Psud, but the error circles overlapped. A pinecone was found in the centre of the overlap and deemed to be upon the hash. We were next to a rather steep hill which, whilst the views must have been awesome at the top, we were nevertheless happy to not have to climb. After the requisite photos, picnic was had with automatic half-minutely photos (go Psud), rumless rum balls (yay Joanna), and the start of the Geohash Card Game. We returned to the abode of Nemo for dinner, Doctor Who watching, more card game refinement, and a promise of more next week!

More photos may appear. We arrived in daylight this time, but it got dark on us on the trek out (between 5 and 5:30pm) - so we've decided to plan our hashes earlier in the day (2pm is promising) as a result.

Achievements earned[edit]