Tumut, Australia

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Junee Young Goulburn
Wagga Wagga Tumut Canberra
Corryong Jindabyne Cooma

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The towns of the region[edit]


The Tumut shire has 11 and a half thousand people. Once Tumut was a gold rush town.


Another gold rush town. When the gold ran out, they started growing fruit.


What more need we say about Tumbarumba than was said by Mr O'Grady:

"Tumba Bloody Rumba"

by John O'Grady (1907-1981) (aka Nino Culotta – They’re a Weird Mob)

I was down the Riverina, knockin' 'round the towns a bit,
And occasionally resting with a schooner in me mitt,
And on one of these occasions, when the bar was pretty full
And the local blokes were arguin' assorted kind of bull,
I heard a conversation, most peculiar in its way.
It's only in Australia you would hear a joker say:
"Howya bloody been, ya drongo, haven't seen ya fer a week,
And yer mate was lookin' for ya when ya come in from the creek.
'E was lookin' up at Ryan's, and around at bloody Joe's,
And even at the Royal, where 'e bloody NEVER goes".
And the other bloke says "Seen 'im? Owed 'im half a bloody quid.
Forgot to give it back to him, but now I bloody did -
Could've used the thing me bloody self. Been off the bloody booze,
Up at Tumba-bloody-rumba shootin' kanga-bloody-roos."
Now the bar was pretty quiet, and everybody heard
The peculiar integration of this adjectival word,
But no-one there was laughing, and me - I wasn't game,
So I just sits back and lets them think I spoke the bloody same.
Then someone else was interested to know just what he got,
How many kanga-bloody-roos he went and bloody shot,
And the shooting bloke says "Things are crook -
the drought's too bloody tough.
I got forty-two by seven, and that's good e-bloody-nough."
And, as this polite rejoinder seemed to satisfy the mob,
Everyone stopped listening and got on with the job,
Which was drinkin' beer, and arguin', and talkin' of the heat,
Of boggin' in the bitumen in the middle of the street,
But as for me, I'm here to say the interesting piece of news
Was Tumba-bloody-rumba shootin' kanga-bloody-roos.


Arrow4.png 2013 April 23 - Tuesday - Beside the Molonglo River.
Arrow4.png 2013 March 8 - Friday - West of the main Canberra sub-station at Parkwood.
Arrow4.png 2013 February 2 - Saturday - On the western bank of the Molonglo River.
Arrow2.png 2008 July 05 - Saturday - Creeks, bulls, and the two types of farmers in Australia!
Arrow2.png 2008 June 01 - Sunday - Graticule invasion of 148 by Canberra! We invented the Geohash Card Game in the pine regrowth past Cotter Dam
Arrow4.png 2008 May 24 - Saturday - Attempted graticule invasion of 148 by Canberra... Damn GPS navigation wanted to go via Tumut on fire trails.