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  • The littlest geohasher should have earned the Snowman Geohash achievement.
  • Zb, if you had invited me to your flat instead of just a restaurant, you could have earned the Abduction achievement. PS, Dal Cavaliere was pretty good :)
  • Dawidi, thanks for doing the nice write-up. I was way too tired last night and stopped in the middle. --Zb 15:42, 1 March 2011 (EST)


Sunday in 48,12 looks to be easily reachable. As a bonus, there's a hockey game in Straubing that evening. Failing that, I'm always good to get together for a boardgame and/or beer. :) --Thomcat 04:35, 26 February 2011 (EST)

Nice ones on Sunday (27) would be in 48 11 (North of Eichstätt, where there is a train station), 48 12 (W of Köfering, cf. 2010-10-25 48 12), 47 11 (near Ammersee, not far from Andechs, cf. 2010-10-27 47 11) or in 47 12 (near the river Inn, North of Rosenheim, also quite beautiful but far from any train station). I tend to favor the one in 47 11: Train to Dießen, walk along the South shore of the Ammersee, on to the geohash, maybe on to Andechs and then to the train to München which leaves in Herrsching. This might be a really nice walk, a good part of it right on the lake's shore. Seems likely I'll have time, and I'm still up for adventures in other graticules as well. --Zb 05:10, 26 February 2011 (EST)Zb 04:44, 26 February 2011 (EST)
47,11 looks good to me! I've got a week long Munich Bahn pass, might need some help adding to it for Dießen and Herrsching. I can allegedly get a bike from my hotel also. --Thomcat 05:37, 26 February 2011 (EST)
The spot in 47 11 is within bike range from München, in case you trust a rental bike from a fancy hotel enough to go on an expedition that is likely a bit over 50 km one way. I like biking W of München, although, by bike, I've only been W of the Starnberger See and never to the Ammersee so far (2010-04-05 47 11). --Zb 06:11, 26 February 2011 (EST)
Three options present themselves for these two Geohashers from Munchen (one permanent, one temporarily) and other visitors -
  1. 47 11 Munich Bahn to Dießen, bike around the south end of the lake to Geohash, then back to Munich via Herrsching. Point is in a meadow, probably accessible.
  2. 48 12 Another North American Geohasher close to my heart (and graticule) Robyn visited here must months ago. In fact, the distance between 48.9375992N 12.1934044E and 48.941475N 12.163457E is merely 2.2318 km. Point is in a field, probably not reachable (mud and/or plants).
  3. 48 13 (near Regen). Would be a bit of a walk, but not so far as to require a bike. Point is in a forest, probably accessible. Nice hilly landscape, and an old castle ruin looking over the countryside (without any extra detours).
I tend to favor option 1. We don't have to bahn all the way to Dießen; we could go just to Geltendorf then ride from there. Will report back when I confirm bike availability. The weather is certainly good enough. --Thomcat 09:13, 26 February 2011 (EST)
Ah, now the discussion has moved here... okay. I'd probably join you for any of the three hashes, though I still think #3 is the most interesting one ;) In 47 11, the alternative-less Weilheimer Straße segment from Diessen to Aidenried doesn't look too inviting for cyclists... and starting in Geltendorf is probably a bad idea if you only want to begin the trip at noon --dawidi 10:54, 26 February 2011 (EST)
Just came back home. 48 13 sounds good to me, too. I still have a Bayern Ticket idling around my place (good for 5), so I (or we, depending on my drag-along geohasher's plans for tomorrow), could be at München Hbf around noon and go to either place. I kind of like the idea of going to Regen because I can go see places around München all the time, so I would enjoy exploring less familiar territory and see new stuff (if cool old castles in 48 13 count as new stuff). I'll be back to the internets tomorrow around 9:30 and see what you are up to. What I can promise right now is this: I can be at München Hbf without any trouble at any time after 11:30ish and bring my ticket which will take us either way. --Zb 16:54, 26 February 2011 (EST)
BTW: Oddly enough, we're still discussing this stuff on the München page. Please feel free to cut&paste the discussion to a more appropriate place on the wiki (48 13? 47 11?). I'll find you because of watchlists and the recent changes section. --Zb 17:00, 26 February 2011 (EST)
And I think Train&Hike would be better than Train&Bike.--Zb 17:00, 26 February 2011 (EST)
Let's leave it on the München page until we're sure what we'll do. I think it would be easiest if you guys would show up in #geohashing at 9:30ish and we make a decision then. If we do 47 11 I'd have to leave rather shortly after that (and I'd be in München at 12:54); if we do 48 13 then I'd have a lot of time but you'd need to leave München Hbf at 11:25 - arriving in Regen at 13:49 is the latest reasonable time, imo. Also, we'll have to consider the weather. It's supposed to start snowing and/or raining overnight. --dawidi 17:18, 26 February 2011 (EST)
The connection to Regen at 11:25a sounds good to me, I could easily make that one and, for example, meet Thomcat (and maybe others who are interested?) in München Hbf at the end of track 25 at 11:15a. Dawidi, where would you join us along that route? Thomcat, you're the one who came from far away, what's your preferred destination? I'll be back here or at #geohashing in a bit more than an hour. --Zb 02:05, 27 February 2011 (EST)
Regen is great with me, Bahn and Hike. 11:15 am, track 25 at München Hbf, see you there. I don't have IRC on this computer, so this board is best. --Thomcat 02:21, 27 February 2011 (EST)
Mkay, I will join you when you arrive in Plattling at 12:56. I notified Tanya yesterday, but it didn't (yet) sound like she intended to come along. Note that a bit of snow fell in Regen overnight (Webcam). Shouldn't be much of a problem, but choose your shoes accordingly. --dawidi 02:30, 27 February 2011 (EST)
Affirmative. Thomcat, zb, (...?) meet in München at 11:15, wearing proper shoes; zb will bring the ticket. They will be joined by Dawidi in Plattling. Everyone else is invited somewhere along the route:

München Hbf So, 27.02.11 ab 11:25 25 RE 4068 Freising ab 11:49 4 Moosburg ab 11:58 1 Landshut(Bay)Hbf ab 12:12 5 Wörth(Isar) ab 12:24 2 Dingolfing ab 12:34 3 Landau(Isar) ab 12:44 3 Wallersdorf ab 12:49 3 Plattling an 12:56 1

Umsteigezeit 11 Min.

Plattling So, 27.02.11 ab 13:07 5 RB 5393 Pankofen ab 13:10 1 Deggendorf Hbf ab 13:17 1 Gotteszell ab 13:35 2 Triefenried ab 13:43 2 Regen an 13:49 1

--Zb 03:06, 27 February 2011 (EST)