Skegness, United Kingdom

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This graticule has boundaries from 53° to 54° latitude, and 0° to 1° longitude and contains much of the east coast of Lincolnshire, UK, including the towns of Skegness and Mablethorpe. Further north, it also contains a very small portion of East Yorkshire, east of Hull. The North Sea area is Humber.

[edit] Past activity

See also: Category:Meetup in 53 0.

[edit] 2010

  • 04 September 2010 (Sat): In a harvested wheat field just north of Sibsey, Boston, Lincolnshire, UK. Sourcerer visited four hash points on this day and this one was a virgin geohash. The other hashpoints were in Hull, Northampton and Cambridge.

[edit] Local Geohashers

There don't appear to be any local geohashers yet.

  • Sourcerer is based in the Norwich graticule and he made the first documented hashpoint visit to this graticule.