2018-05-21 52 0

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Mon 21 May 2018 in Cambridge:
52.2701099, 0.7848967

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West of the Great Ouse, Kings Lynn, Norfolk, UK.


The following people will try to make it:

The following people send their apologies:

  • Benjw is involved in running the Cambridge Beer Festival, which is open to the public this week, not leaving much time for hashing.


The hashpoint is in a field and unlikely to be reachable without crop damage. However 2018-05-21 52 -0 is in woodland, close to footpaths and 2018-05-21 52 1 is on a field perimeter with an access track. Sourcerer is thinking about attempting a triple of which two might succeed. There have been occasions when improbable locations were easy. For example new houses had been built. The crop turned out to be new tarmac.