2018-05-26 52 0

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Sat 26 May 2018 in Cambridge:
52.0413542, 0.0203118

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An arable field close to the meridian. 2018-05-26 52 -0 is much more convenient, one mile south of Royston railway station.


The following people will try to reach the mouse-over day location:

  • Sourcerer - now intends to visit 52, -0 instead.

The following people send their apologies:

  • Benjw is involved in running the Cambridge Beer Festival, which is open to the public this week, not leaving much time for hashing.


Sourcerer plans to visit 2018-05-26 52 -0 instead. It's an easy road-side point less than 2 miles west.


Sourcerer came within 2.8 km of the hashpoint but did not bother to check it out. The alternative at 52, -0 was far easier.