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The four phases of geohashing¹.

What does it mean to be addicted to geohashing?

  • The best thing about Friday is that you get the coordinates of three geohashes at once.
  • If you found a way to know the future of the Dow Jones Index you would check out future geohashes before finding out how to get rich.
  • One geohash isn't enough for you anymore, you start wanting more and more.
  • Your non-geohashing friends never see you anymore.
  • You are late for work or leave early in order to go geohashng.
  • Extreme geohashing expeditions affet the quality of your work.
  • You plan your day around finding out where the new geohash is.
  • When the stock market plunges you wonder how it will affect today's geohash before you wonder about your investments.
  • You wonder if you need to rewrite your Perl implementation, in case the Dow drops below 7,000.
  • When the Peeron page says "Market data is not available for 2008-09-18" and you say "Yes it is!" out loud.
  • You are regularly the first person (not spam bot) to edit a wiki page after the Dow opens.
    • You beat the bots there, you are just that good.
  • The status line of your editor shows the cursor position like "70, 31" and you wonder how to get there in time.
  • You look up particularly difficult coordinates several times over the course of the day in the hope that they will magically have morphed into a set that are easier to get to.
  • Every time you hear the Arcade Fire song 'No', you wonder whether you could get to the place that no ships go to be the first to get a water hash there.
  • You have a shopping list that looks like this:
orange flags
RC Plane
duct tape
pirate costume
English/Squamish dictionary (Especially if you live nowhere near Canada)
Twister game
  • Having panic attacks every morning hoping that the geohash point for your graticule for that day does not land in a no-trespassing area or an inaccessible area and are afraid that your string of Consecutive Geohashes might come to an end.
  • You have ever telephoned a helicopter charter company in Idaho.
  • Twenty-one out of the last twenty-five wiki edits are by you. Even when you include the bots.

¹On weekends, the phases Boredom, Excitement, Planning jointly form the Epic Boredom.