2009-04-20 33 -83

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Mon 20 Apr 2009 in Athens:
33.9325101, -83.9738985

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[edit] About

In the back yard of a home in Lawrenceville. I made it to the property and Bill the home owner was in the back yard assembling a tree house. I introduced myself and asked for permission to access the hash point. PERMISSION was granted. I left information behind on how to find this web page from the web site.

I thanked Bill and left for home.

[edit] Expedition

[edit] NWoodruff

I made it. Dedication.

Is there an award for making it to an hash point even after you have been involved in a bicycle and car crash?

My inner thigh after a bicycle and a car meetup.

[edit] Consecutive Geohashes

Sunday Apr 19, 2009

Tuesday Apr 21, 2009

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[edit] Achievements

NWoodruff earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (33, -83) geohash on 2009-04-20.
NWoodruff earned the Consecutive geohash achievement
by reaching 16 consecutive hash points starting on 2009-04-05.
Nathan earned the Ambassador achievement
by obtaining permission from Bill the Home owner to access the (33, -83) geohash on 2009-04-20.