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Wed 16 Sep 2015 in Norwich, UK:
52.6236147, 1.3785932

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South of the Norwich, Postwick park and ride, Norfolk, UK.





Sourcerer is tethered to a cardiac monitor in the James Paget Hospital. When he attempts this expedition, he will be about eight paces closer at the end than at the beginning. Of course the coordinates will not be reached. But the Trail of blood achievement is in reach.

Meanwhile, SpiritofMaurice planned to drag along Izzy and give this one a go...

Expedition - Fail: Sourcerer[edit]

This report is a bit cheeky and I'd be happy for the community to downgrade it to "not attempted".

  1. I was closer to Postwick at the end of my eight pace tethered walk.
  2. This might be a wiki first.
  3. A good story beats an unclear rule.
  4. I won't try this on again. It's only fun the first time.
  5. I will be checking for a hospital bed (couch) potato hashpoint tomorrow.

There is good medical news. It was not a heart attack. I might be back in action by the weekend.


I'm unhooked from the heart monitor. Also I was conveyed by hospital porter wheelchair to the ultrasound suite. This was perhaps 100 metres closer to Postwick. And I am not pregnant.

Update two

Late Thursday: They let me out with clot busting drugs and the usual lifestyle advice. (Anyone fat and lazy take note! And if you smoke, you're doomed!) The Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday points were in the north sea so these could not have been reached. I have added a new entry to Category:Addicted to geohashing.


  • Alter your "last will and testament" requiring your coffin (casket) to travel via a hashpoint or alternatively you have your ashes scattered at a hashpoint - extra credit if the terrain causes particular difficulty to the pallbearers.
  • In your will, specify a ruggedised urn for your ashes, to be passed to a live geohasher to be used as a hashcot. You continue to reach coordinates posthumously.

Expedition: SpiritofMaurice[edit]

We planned to aim for a Walk geohash achievement, since this was a little over five miles from the house where we started. In the event, that was scuppered by procrastination and heavy rain forecast to continue all afternoon/evening. Reluctantly decided to get nearby by car en route to see a film, before the rain turned heavier.

Upon arrival at the park-and-ride, we found it overwhelmed by roadworks redesigning the adjacent junction, so parked on a nearby lane. We were happy to see that a new cycle/footway linked this lane towards the geohash bearing some 1km away. It began to drizzle as we walked, but spirits were high. We got back to the roadworks this way. There, we found a small, overgrown green track leading down to the appropriate farmland, crossing the railway line on a rickety bridge.

Just 80m from the hashpoint, the track ended and the field came into view - complete with agricultural tents, a shipping container being used as an office, and lots of people labouring hard. At this point, my head was suddenly full of irrational fears about less-than-legal working practices sometimes found in this industry, along with two facts:

A), a lack of any public footpath/right-of-way access nearby - indeed any 'normal' reason to be there;

B), the fact that if on some off chance this was not an above-board operation, our presence would be seen as a threat

With this in mind, I insisted we keep out of sight, sneaked a pic or two and turned back down the track. On the way out, however, it slowly dawned on me that I needn't have worried at all when I spotted a logo for Norwich Farm Share. Far from being a dodgy gang-controlled operation, this not-for-profit co-operative seeks to grow ethical food with local volunteers. I should learn to be more trusting!

Photos: Sourcerer[edit]

Photos: SpiritofMaurice[edit]


Sorcerer earned the Trail of blood consolation prize
by being too injured to reach the (52, 1) geohash on 2015-09-16 because of a dizzy spell leading to paramedics being called followed by hospitalization.
SpiritofMaurice earned the No trespassing consolation prize
by almost (80m) reaching the (52, 1) geohash on 2015-09-16.

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