2009-06-04 33 -83

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Thu 4 Jun 2009 in Athens:
33.9745098, -83.9838037

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I had check on the coordinates for the Atlanta graticule earlier in the day and noticed that they were so far west that it was closer to my drive home in this graticule. I printed up a google map and sent the Geohash points to my eTrex



It was raining very hard today and traffic in Atlanta is terrible. Nobody here knows how to drive when it is raining. There were major accidents on both I-285 east bound and also I-85 north bound. These are the interstates I take to get home. I ended up going back roads almost all the way to the hash point.

I arrived at the hash point at about 6:45 with it raining very heavily. The hash point turned out to be in the parking lot of a business so I was sure from the Google map that I would be able to make it.

As I pulled into the driveway, there is a big chain link fence that the business pulls closed at the end of business day. The business closed at 6:30pm. I had missed making the hash point by 15 minutes.

If it hadn't been for the rain I may have been able to reach the hash point. I got to within 148 feet of the hash point. So close but so far away.

I checked the main office and NOBODY home.

I took a few pictures and then drove home to Norcross kicking myself for just missing getting to the hash point.