Bodega Bay, California

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Shelter Cove Mendocino Orland
38,-124 Bodega Bay Santa Rosa
37,-124 Farallon Islands San Francisco

Today's location: not yet announced

Today's Location: [Bodega Bay, CA]

The Bodega Bay graticule is at latitude 38, longitude -123. It extends up the California coast to just past Manchester and East to Hopland, Cloverdale, etc. At the South end it encloses Bodega Bay and a teeny portion of Point Reyes Park. It is also about 66% Pacific Ocean, making land geohashes about a 1-in-3 occurrence. If today's geohash is in the water, you may find the San Jose geohash more to your liking. In addition, there is a large amount of private property in our graticule, although also a lot of public land and terrific parks/hiking, so it should be interesting hashing, when we can get there. On days when the spot is off-shore but near-shore, Ted suggests that we try to make it anyway (boats, wind-surfers, whatever), if it can be done safely.

Notable Dates[edit]