2014-04-29 48 10

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Tue 29 Apr 2014 in Augsburg:
48.9718197, 10.8957774

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Today's location is in the forest on the Patrichberg mountain at Treuchtlingen. Elevation 597 m.

Country: Germany; state: Bayern (Bavaria, EU:DE:BY); administrative region: Mittelfranken; district: Weißenburg-Gunzenhausen

Weather: light rain



I saw that this hashpoint was near Treuchtlingen, an important hub for regional railways, so there would be a direct train from Würzburg. Also I have never visited any hashpoint in the 48 10 graticule, even though it's just one graticule away from Würzburg. This last opportunity to visit that graticule while living in Würzburg couldn't go unused. I took an early-morning train at 8:44, but on the way the train was delayed for about half an hour, so I reached Treuchtlingen at 11 o'clock instead of 10:30. A very slight rain had started but I walked along the streets to the edge of the forest, then I followed the track that started there. For a while it was only a tiny path, but my GPS unit reassured me that I was on the correct route and after a while I came to a larger track. Around 11:35 I was near the hashpoint and on the last meters the rain got stronger. The GPS dance was complicated, as usually in rainy forests, but I reached the spot, took pictures and left a marker.

Back on the track I didn't take the same way back, instead I continued to the nearby quarry. There was a sign denying access because of possible blasting operations, so I followed a track that went around the quarry. That track descended quite steeply to a road north of Treuchtlingen. From there I walked mostly along side streets back to the train station, where I arrived at 12:20, 5 minutes before the departure of my return train. My plan had been to take the 11:25 train, but with the delay on the there ride this would have been impossible. Even if that train had been on time I would have been hard pressed to be back early enough, so the delay didn't cause any problems after all. I arrived back in Würzburg at 14:16.


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