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Mon 8 Jun 2009 in Augsburg, Germany:
48.3825761, 10.9113854

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Augsburg is DONE, geohashing-wise. After the amazing geohash to Eibsee the day before, this was an easy one, and my second one in another graticule than München.

As far as achievements and ribbons go, I guess I prefer thinking about possible ribbons over actually putting a lot of effort into earning them. Anyhow, I guess today was an almost honorable mention of the Cubicle geohash achievement, and a consecutive, too. My cubicle/lab is just over 2 km SE of the location. Here's the view from my desk. It goes NW, towards Augsburg-Lechhausen:

The geohash is in the same part of the City. It was just a short bike ride. The spot is right in the middle of this picture:

Work and geohash are done. I stayed E of the river Lech the entire time, but anyway, here's the bridge across it, just behind the train station where I left to go back to München, after putting my badge (a.k.a. temporary employee branding) into my backpack and taking the paper out instead.

Here's why I hardly ever get bored, especially while I'm on trains: There's always something interesting going on. As in this example: The next picture was taken from the train. It shows a neighboring platform of a station I went through. The fluorescent lamps along the platform are maybe 1m long and there's one maybe every 4m or so. Thus, there's a gap of d=4m-1m=3m between the lamps. In the picture, the lamps look like they are just about to overlap, reducing the gap from 3m to 0m; and the shutter time was t=0.125s. How fast was the train?

v = d / t

v = 3 m / 0.125 s

v = 24 m/s

There's 0.001 km for every 1 m and there is 3600 s for every hour.

v = 24 m/s * (0.001 km / m) * (3600 s / h)

v = 86 km/h

Since there are a lot of constructions sites along the way from Augsburg to München, the train often doesn't go very fast, so the result of something just below 100 km/h is really not too far off.

See, you even can figure out your approximate ground speed when you don't own a GPS ;-)

And since I recently created the category for pictures about demolition and construction, I figured I should take a photo of some brilliant sparks that went down at the station in München-Pasing and put it here (and into the category, of course).