2009-03-26 48 10

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Thu 26 Mar 2009 in Augsburg, Germany:
48.4016096, 10.0211529

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A long train ride (2 x 3 hours) and a short walk (2 x 3 km) for ilpadre.

I've never been to that graticule before, and when I saw the hashpoint being within walking distance from Ulm's main station, I decided to buy a Baden-Württemberg-Ticket and go there. Ulm is at the eastern border of Baden-Württemberg; its twin city Neu-Ulm (until 1810 a part of it) is situated on the other side of the Donau (Europe's second longest river) and already in the state of Bayern. Except for that and the German tongue-twister In Ulm, um Ulm und um Ulm herum (in Ulm, around Ulm and round about Ulm) I didn't know much about that city.

The hashpoint was on a street about 3 km east of the station, and I crossed the border between 48 9 and 48 10 on my way. Nothing otherwise exciting happened until I reached the hashpoint, which was in the middle of a street and easy to locate. I waited for the traffic lights to turn red, quickly took a picture of me standing on the road, and walked back to Ulm. I initially planned to visit several interesting places, but the walk took longer than expected and it started to rain just when I returned to Ulm. So I decided to just take a look at the world's tallest church and then go back to the station again.

About 50 identical white-blue Smart Fortwos parked in front of the cathedral and photographers ran around rearranging and taking pictures. I obviously ran into a shooting for a campaign, but I had never heard of the company, car2go: It is a pilot project for a new kind of mobility concept where any registered resident or visitor can rent one of these cars spontaneously and later return it to any public parking space. Daimler tested and developed the project in Ulm and went public on the day of my expedition. What a nice coincidence!