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Sat 8 Aug 2015 in Norwich, UK:
52.1767161, 1.2339145

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1) 35 metres from a house, probably in their garden, east of Helmingham, Suffolk, UK.




See if it's reachable. The garden looks more like rough farmyard so it might be.

Expedition - Fail[edit]

The area was unusual. Earth banks had been built round much of the southern boundary of this farm, as if they needed to repel Vikings or something. My beard is scary but I've never carried weapons! I found a gap but this led too close to the farm house. I didn't want to set dogs barking and have irate farmers in pyjamas finding out what the hell I was doing so I retreated. My closest approach was 40 metres and here I was blocked by dense undergrowth.

The drive home was nice. There was a sickle moon rising looking like a satsuma segment, coloured orange by the atmospheric dust. There were fog banks too.


2015-08-08 52 1 Sourcerer.jpg

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