2015-08-08 45 -93

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2015-08-08 45 -93 019.jpg

Sat 8 Aug 2015 in 45,-93:
45.1767161, -93.2339145

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Lawn of an apartment complex, Blaine, MN, USA



The Mcbaneg family had driven to Minnesota to visit the JMuonio family for a long weekend. Naturally one of the goals was to go geohashing since we had not been able to do it together since 2013-08-02 54 -1, and Isaac, who appeared on the scene since that trip, had not yet been on an expedition. As soon as 8:30 am Central Time hit on Friday, the two parties independently checked the weekend hashpoints, and it appeared the Saturday point in Minneapolis NW was the best bet since most of the other ones in the region were in farm fields and access was iffy.

The expedition itself was straightforward, involving a visit to Jake's old stomping grounds on the way out and a stop at a local coffeeshop on the way back. Isaac seemed to like geohashing, too.



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