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Lol-asg.png 36 / m / 52,0

I'm originally from Sheffield, United Kingdom, but moved to Cambridge, United Kingdom in 2001 and have lived there ever since. I discovered geohashing in 2012 completely by accident whilst trying to find out some information about tide times on the North Norfolk coast, and Google sent me to the 2012-09-02 52 0 expedition page. I'm not sure why I'd never heard of it before, given that I'd been reading xkcd since before the original geohashing comic was published!

I don't have a car, and am only an occasional cyclist. Most of the hashpoints I've visited have been reached on foot or by public transport.

[edit] Hashcot

I've decided to geohash with a small pink toy caterpillar named Hammersmith (after the London Underground line). Don't ask. More recently, I've also taken a long an unnamed blue knitted mouse that doesn't have any eyes. Again, don't ask. Oh, and MrsPaintedJaguar often geohashes with me as well!

[edit] Aims

I've decided, quite randomly, that my long-term geohashing goal is to complete a Minesweeper Geohash achievement that includes both graticules that I've lived in, Cambridge and Sheffield. In order to achieve this (without buying a boat), I'll have to centre on the Northampton, United Kingdom graticule.

[edit] Expeditions

When/where Success/expedition count Saturday meetup count Meetup with Description
2012-10-14 51 0 (failed)/1 In a field near Thurrock football ground
2012-10-14 51 -0 1/2 In a park in southwest London, close to Chiswick Park tube station
2012-10-21 52 0 2/3 At the end of Teasel Close in Haverhill
2012-10-31 52 0 3/4 Benjw On the bank of the River Cam in Chesterton
2013-02-03 51 0 4/5 Outside a house on High Wych Road, near the town of Sawbridgeworth
2013-05-12 51 -0 5/6 In shrubland near Waltham Cross and the Lee Valley; also very close to the M25
2013-06-02 52 1 6/7 Just North of Winterton Dunes on the Norfolk coast
2013-06-30 52 -0 7/8 The end of Gery Court in Eaton Ford, about one mile west of St. Neots town centre
2013-07-20 52 0 8/9 1 Benjw On Plantation Road in Sawston
2013-08-03 51 -0 9/10 On Birchwood Way, near How Wood station, just south of St. Albans
2013-08-03 52 0 10/11 Benjw The west bank of the River Great Ouse just south of Kings Lynn, at the appropriately named Eau Brink Road
2013-08-04 52 0 11/12 Benjw On the west bank of a canal near Outwell, in Norfolk
2013-08-05 52 0 12/13 The front lawn of Cambridge University's Faculty of Education, on Hills Road in south Cambridge
2013-09-11 52 0 failed/14 The middle of a field adjacent to the River Cam near Waterbeach
2014-06-29 52 0 13/15 In the middle of Sluice Road, between the River Great Ouse and the village of Denver, a couple of miles from Downham Market
2015-08-08 52 0 14/16 2 Benjw, Sourcerer Just off a dirt road in Fulbourn, near Cambridge
2015-09-19 52 0 15/17 3 On the Icknield Way long distance trail, on a track near Honington Airfield, somewhere between Thetford and Bury St Edmunds
2015-09-29 52 0 16/18 On a footpath between Foxton and Newton