2013-06-01 45 -123

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Sat 1 Jun 2013 in 45,-123:
45.6477531, -123.1495333

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Ag Land west of North Plains



I noticed the hashpoint was nearby, thanks to APBot, and figured I'd swing by on my way east.


I was headed to the Farmer's market and then into town to help out with the Rose Festival Starlight, visiting another festival on the way.

The hashpoint didn't look accessible, but figured I'd drive by and try to see it.

I headed north, stopping in Downtown Hillsboro to convince the local WiFi to let me find the exact coordinates, and programmed my GPS. I then continued on to Highway 26 and headed west for a few miles.

The distance ticked down, and finally dropped to a third of a mile with no visible access. I turned around at the next driveway, noting the half mile to the hashpoint over the fields.

I didn't take any pictures, though, just turned and headed to grab one of the last ten spaces at Sunset Transit Center on a Saturday Afternoon(!) and went off to explore Portland.


  • No Trespassing