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West of -30°: .1978875, .2767533
East of -30°: .2517686, .5457375
Globalhash: -44.681647362035, 16.465497589372 (GeoNames)

Photo Gallery

Expeditions and Plans

Palm Beach, Florida Million zillion In a canal in Tamarac.
Santa Ana, California Stephen Cerruti, Mitch Carroll In Bub Williamson park in Vista near Emerald and the 78.
Denver (NW), Colorado Squenes On the side of a gulch in the Heil Valley Ranch open space, about 2 miles s...
Zürich, Switzerland Calamus Sihlwald, near Hausen a.A.
Frankfurt am Main, Germany QuarterCacher, Mampfred Not far from the Berggasthof Herzberg on the Herzberg, which is a 450 meter...
Cottbus, Germany Someone went Somewhere
Amsterdam, Netherlands Murfie Lisse, The Netherlands

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