2012-07-30 52 4

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Mon 30 Jul 2012 in 52,4:
52.2517686, 4.5457375

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[edit] Location

Lisse, The Netherlands

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[edit] Plans

The plan was to go there somewhere in the morning, because I happened to go there nearby anyway.

[edit] Expedition

I arrived late in the morning and parked my car at the CNB, the 'De Coöperatieve Nederlandse Bloembollencentrale' (Lisse is famous for their flower bulbs).

Then I crossed the road and a small wobbly bridge. There I saw 2 fields. One with vegetation and one empty field, just earth.

There were some gardeners working in the field with the vegetation and this turned out to be a research project for wageningen University.

I walked to the empty field because the geohash was located there. The gardeners just kept minding their own business, I took a picture of myself at the geohash, and left.

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