2012-07-30 26 -80

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Mon 30 Jul 2012 in 26,-80:
26.1978875, -80.2767533

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In a canal in Tamarac.



This hashpoint is a short detour from my drive home, so I drove there after work.


The hashpoint was clearly about 25 meters into a canal, so there was little chance of really reaching it in a meaningful way. On the other hand, this graticule gets precious few hashpoints that I can even get within sight of without extraordinary effort, and it would be very easy to reach that 25m cutoff point for this one. It was just a short detour from my normal drive home. More than that, it was just half a block from the supermarket where I had already planned to stop after work.

I parked in a nearby school parking lot (not gated), and walked a short distance to the edge of the canal. There were a couple of guys with a fishing pole, apparently looking for a spot with some actual fish.

There wasn't much else to see and I had errands to run. I took a couple of pictures and left.