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Mon 30 Jul 2012 in 50,8:
50.2517686, 8.5457375

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Not far from the Berggasthof Herzberg on the Herzberg, which is a 450 meter high hill in the Taununs with lotsof history (*yawn*).



QuarterCacher very nearly made it a midnight hash but in the end he coulsn't be bothered and we started our expedition after work on monday.

We knew that the hash wouldn't be far from the Berggasthof Herzberg. But you can't always get there by car as the area is closed for cars on the weekends and the restaurant is closed on mondays, so we weren't sure how far we'd get.

Those doubts turned out to be unnecessary though as we could drive all the way to the top. We would have loved to have a closer look at the tower at this point but unfortunately it's not open when the restaurant is closed, so we had to have a look from the outside only.

From there, we started decending through small paths in the woods towards the hash. We'd seen a mixture of open spaces and thick bushes everywhere so it didn't look good when we approached the last hundred meters and all we could see were those bushes. Luckily we found a little detour around them and could just about catch the hash from the other side with just a little crawling around ;)

We headed back up the top and drove back to civilization. Uneventful and easy, but a nice walk and some exercise going back up the hill.


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