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All locations: .1565885, .0130740
Globalhash: -61.814068825509, -175.29335139675 (GeoNames)

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Expeditions and Plans

Los Angeles, California Clanmackay On the property of 265 Highland Place, Monrovia, CA.
Rockford, Illinois MrMoses cornfield
Seattle, Washington OtherJack In a field just east of Buckley, 47 deg 9.395'N 122 deg 0.784'W
Vancouver, British Columbia user:thepiguy, Rhonda, Xore, MylSh A parking lot in Richmond... or possibly New West... it's sotra' in the mid...
Bamberg, Germany Lyx, relet There is not much to say about this one. We were on our way home, and neede...
Würzburg, Germany Koepfel Between two fields not far from Gemmingen
Kamloops, British Columbia Juventas South of Westwold, west of Westside Road. More up than down.

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