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All locations: .9003955, .8551485
Globalhash: 72.071190372953, 127.85344488161 (GeoNames)

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Expeditions and Plans

Lockport, New York Splitdipless Hash point was located on by a stump near Bond St. and Ray St. in Oshawa, O...
München, Germany dawidi In the forest just south of the Donaudurchbruch near Kelheim.
Würzburg, Germany Danatar, Thepiguy, Srs0 on a slope in the forest near Retzstadt. Country: Germany; state: Bayern (...
Kamloops, British Columbia rhonda's dad, Rhonda, Robyn, Rhonda's mom Up a hill, well into the logging road network just north of Kamloops Lake.
Göteborg, Sweden Jonatan, Gabriel We hadn't really planned the way to todays geohashing point so we just gath...
Jokkmokk, Sweden the ru was in the forest between Porjus and Harsprånget.

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