2008-09-21 -35 149

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Sun 21 Sep 2008 in -35,149:
-35.2776262, 149.1564544

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The story[edit]

Yay, another inner-city hash! (more or less)

Joanna met Nemo at the Glowy Cube, as per usual. Nemo was very popular and kept running into people he knew. Eventually they made it to Nemo's car, picked up Elizabeth and Mr Tumbles, and drove to a carpark near the hash.

None of the three people knew where the hashpoint was exactly, so after some exploring and going the wrong way (while calling Psud for directions), they eventually realised it was much further east than they expected. But all was not lost, for Elizabeth spied an echidna, and there was much rejoicing in the nature of it all. (followed by SMSing people to celebrate Echidna awesomness)

However, they still didn't know where exactly the hashpoint was. So they decided on a system of Psud cooee-ing, and Marco-Polo-ing, to guide them to the hash point. This worked surprisingly well, despite the echoeyness of the landscape.

And so the hash was arrived at. Mr Tumbles immediately endeared himself to all and sundry, and Tom fell down a lot while attempting to send a frisbee soaring. Helen and Charlotte made a see-saw, followed later by impromptu jousting between Joanna and Nemo. Rather than spike each other, this turned into sword fighting with the stick of Nemo remaining unbeaten.

Adam documented all with around a thousand photos. A select few now appear below.

Finally it was time to depart homebound, assured in the knowledge of a hash well done.

The People[edit]


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