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All locations: .2776262, .1564544
Globalhash: -40.027291779645, -123.67640391537 (GeoNames)

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Expeditions and Plans

Canberra, Australia charlotte, mr titus tumbles, elizabeth, Nemo, tom, Psud, helen, Joanna Somewhere
Palm Beach, Florida Dtobias In Coconut Creek.
Chattanooga, Tennessee User:NullHypothesis A relatively featureless highway interchange in Soddy-Daisy.
Vancouver, British Columbia thepiguy, Srs0, Robyn About 250m offshore of Kits Beach in Vancouver. This is the first part of ...
Port Alberni, British Columbia "we live here, more conversation revealed that, we started cagily, they wanted to know more., "oh, "here, "ah On a suburban road, 30 km north of Nanaimo.

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