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Fri 19 Sep 2008 in 52,13:
52.6187589, 13.3286772

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T'was a jolly day when Hessophanes and relet set the sails to conquer the Sea of Hermsdorf. The winds were steady, the rats were fed and the deck was clean, so they met near the hash two hours before dusk. Hessophanes proudly declared to know the way by heart and navigated to the spot with what the mighty Gooracle had shown to him. Once he claimed to have found it, relet verified the position with his instruments. Turns out he was just right, by the thousandth part of a mile. Curiously enough the spot was already marked with a big arrow and there were two buoys nearby which forbade to anchor vessels on a part of the shore that was less than a few strides across.

Having proven their navigational skills and thus passed the first Challenge of Pirateering they proceeded to the nearby sea, where they found their first treasure. Someone had buried six apples next to the trunk of a tree.

Encouraged by the experience relet unpacked his Pirate-a-Minute kit, and they sat down to assemble their flag and make their own eye patches. While they originally had in mind to traverse the sea on a rubber boat, the shore proved to be too shallow for such a mighty vessel and the place a nature reserve. As Pirates love Nature, they settled for threatening the local jogging fanatics with their looks and a brandished Jolly Roger.

Thus having earned the respect startled looks of the natives, the next mission would be to set full sails for a badly-needed pint of grog. Driven by their desire they crossed the hash at a good 32 knots. At the end of the narrow channel harbouring the hash they found the local subsidiary of the popular Scumm Bar[tm] chain and joyfully renamed the channel to "Am Freibeuter".

They raised their glasses to a glorious expedition, discussing the old times of glory, as Pirates often do. Unfortunately, relet failed the last Challenge of Pirateering, when the Swordmaster addressed him in the pub, exclaiming: "Your hair stands on end as if you had just weathered a storm.". To this relet could just find a meagre "Oh, really?" for an answer.


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