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Lol-asg.png 32 / m / 38,-77

Michael lives right near Dulles Airport surrounded by houses that all look exactly the same. He just moved here and is using Geohashing as a way to meet new, cool people in the area. Michael enjoys music of all types (Sixx A.M., Dragonforce, Soundgarden, Papa Roach just to same a few of my current favorites). He's an avid fantasy book reader, marking the Dragonlance series as his all time favorite. After work, he unwinds with a little bit of online XBOX play. He's also a big movie buff, so if you're interested in a movie sometime, say so!

Points Reached[edit]

2008-06-28 38 -77 - Went to Subway after meeting up with the others, played 1kbwc, then went to the approx location of the point.

2008-06-14 38 -77 (DC West) - Got there to find a large group of people waiting. We went inside the food court and learned lots of fun new games. Chrononauts ftw!


Feel free to add me to your contact list and I'll let you know if I'm planning on going to a geohash. Feel free to add me if you just want to chat too!  :)

  • AIM: m2klm
  • XBOX Live: Dwearf