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Lol-asg.png 31 / m / 38,-77

Michael lives right near Dulles Airport surrounded by houses that all look exactly the same. He just moved here and is using Geohashing as a way to meet new, cool people in the area. Michael enjoys music of all types (Sixx A.M., Dragonforce, Soundgarden, Papa Roach just to same a few of my current favorites). He's an avid fantasy book reader, marking the Dragonlance series as his all time favorite. After work, he unwinds with a little bit of online XBOX play. He's also a big movie buff, so if you're interested in a movie sometime, say so!

[edit] Points Reached

2008-06-28 38 -77 - Went to Subway after meeting up with the others, played 1kbwc, then went to the approx location of the point.

2008-06-14 38 -77 (DC West) - Got there to find a large group of people waiting. We went inside the food court and learned lots of fun new games. Chrononauts ftw!

[edit] Contact

Feel free to add me to your contact list and I'll let you know if I'm planning on going to a geohash. Feel free to add me if you just want to chat too!  :)

  • AIM: m2klm
  • XBOX Live: Dwearf

[edit] Pictures