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Umm... hi! I am a linguist (not the computational kind).

But right now I am an English teacher.

In China.

Specifically, in Nantou ("South head"), in the Nanshan ("South mountain") District of the city of Shenzhen ("Deep" something... ah hell, I give up), which is just across the border from Hong Kong.

Of course, my graticule only comprises Nanshan, Bao'an, the western edge of Hong Kong, and other places in China like Zhongshan and Zhuhai that are too far away. Not the rest of Shenzhen, the happening part. (Except for Shekou, I guess?)

I'm totally encroaching on the next graticule over.

I also might encourage some fellow English teachers to go geohashing.

In any case, I won't be back in Rochester for a while.