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Thu 1 Jul 2010 in 48,11:
48.1264053, 11.6430719

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München, Berg am Laim. Not far from home for zb. In front of a security company's headquarters.




Mostly Uneventful. zb went there early, just before heading on to the train to work. He had stuff to do the entire day, so just dropped by really quick in the early morning, before the stuff had a chance to hit the fan.

DerFlob and The_T-Man[edit]

DerFlob and The_T-Man used this one, being located very close (756 m and 1050 m respectively) to their homes, to collect various achievements, without putting in much of an effort. Maybe, when there are good opportunities, they will tackle those challenges again and be less lazy. They met up in formal attire at the hashpoint. After strolling around a bit, they had some drinks and some food in a nearby restaurant (in sight range of the hashpoint). After that, they returned home, watched some movies and returned at midnight, not crossing their paths on their way there and back and patting a cat that happened to be around.

Since the point lay on the shortest way between the two of them and also on The_T-Man's former way to school, both of them had crossed that point numerous times before.



DerFlob and The_T-Man[edit]