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Mon 1 May 2017 in 48,9:
48.7481226, 9.3669442

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At the Stettener Bach in the Schurwald woods between Esslingen Jägerhaus and Aichwald


Holger / Drei aus Korb


The plan was to stay at home at this first of may because the weather was lausy and it was raining all the time. But a geohash so close and in the woods...who can resist?


I took the car to get to a parking lot at the Jägerhaus, a famous place and restaurant nearby the woods; the two girls didn't want to join me, they preferred to stay at home. Dressed like in fall I made my through the rain into the forest. On my way I first wanted to reach the geocache "Rosskopf" in about 1 km distance. When I found it I headed for the hash eastwards in a distance of about 800 m. You won't believe it: when I got as close as 30 m two people were hanging around and another one with a dog went slooooooowly by. And I haven't met a person in the last hour at all. I studied my smartphone-map very thoroughly until they finally disappeared. Then I dared to leave the official trail and got into the underwoods.

Finally there: the hashpoint has been "marked" by a big tree stump.

After having taken a view pictures I finally made my way back to the parking lot 1,5 kms through the woods and in the rain.