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Tue 18 Apr 2017 in 48,9:
48.7690718, 9.3747795

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Aichwald; the part of the forrest between Strümpfelbach and Aichelberg


Mara, Katja & Holger aka Drei aus Korb


Well, the hashpoint was not too far away and in the woods...reason enough?


April did what people say April does: Rain, sunshine, snow (not kidding), sunshine, hail,snow, hail, sunshine, rain... But the hashpoint was close and not in an industrial area, not on a field or acre, no, in the woods. How could we resist? Parked the car at a nearby "Naturfreunde Haus", then walked about 500 metres on a path trough the forrest until we reached the hashpoint. And as allways, the official Geohash Droid on the smart phone didn't do well, whilst we actually were excactly on the spot the app showed us here an there (that's why we normally use GPS devices, but we like it when the app says: you're close enough). And as often: the app didn't send our proof to the website. Fortunatly we took screenshots.