Hanko, Finland

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Tuesday 2017-06-27 59.8747580, 22.5404940

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Uusikaupunki Turku Salo
Utö Hanko Tammisaari
Karala, Estonia Kuressaare, Estonia Haapsalu, Estonia

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The Hanko graticule is at latitude 59, longitude 22.

Baltic Sea makes up some 95% of the area in this graticule, which is located in the western end of the Gulf of Finland. Hanko, the southernmost town on the Finnish mainland just makes it to the graticule as well as some nearby islands. On the southern edge is the shore of Estonian island Hiiumaa.


  • 2010-10-10 - On the street Kappelisatamantie in Hanko. Graticule conquered by Jusu!
  • 2011-09-04 - On a field next to the road Fårtvättsvägen in Bromarv, Raseborg. Jusu was there.
  • 2014-08-02 - In the parking lot of Kasnäs hotel and spa. Successfully reached by Bysmyyr in the air. :)