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Sun 4 Sep 2011 in Hanko, Finland:
59.9459927, 22.9576861

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[edit] Location

On a field next to the road Fårtvättsvägen in Bromarv, Raseborg. Topo map. Google Street View.

[edit] Participants

[edit] Plans

Visit some geocaches and the hashpoint.

[edit] Expedition

Phone's navigator showed that the hashpoint was 45 km from home. Actually I checked it after the trip, as I didn't use the navigator to get there. First I searched a multicache in Tenhola (Swedish: Tenala) village, then drove 25 km to the hash. The road was familiar to me, as I visit Padva beach once or twice each summer.

The hashpoint was on a ploughed field some 35 metres from a small road. Swedish name of the road is Fårtvättsvägen, Finnish Fårtvättintie. The Finnish name has been formed from the original Swedish name by changing genitive 's' to 'in' and vägen (= road) to tie (= road). That's necessary because we Finnish speakers wouldn't otherwise understand it's a road. And vice versa, where applicable.

The road leads to a place called... Fårtvätten. I think it means Sheep Washing. I had never thought there has been need to practice such thing. Google finds a picture about sheep washing. Probably there isn't a sheep washing pool in the end of the road, if there has ever been.

So I parked next to a barn, changed to rubber boots and loped to the hash on the clayey field. I noticed from the map that there's a giant's kettle about 200 m west from Fårtvättsvägen. I should have walked there through the forest. Instead, I jumped to the car and hoped there is a car park on the side of the paved road, as the pothole was closer to it. But there wasn't room for the car, so I skipped the minor attraction. I searched two more nearby geocaches: Bredvik Bunker and Trollklyftan.

[edit] Photos

[edit] Achievements

  • Land geohash