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Sun 4 Sep 2011 in Hanko, Finland:
59.9459927, 22.9576861

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On a field next to the road Fårtvättsvägen in Bromarv, Raseborg. Topo map. Google Street View.



Visit some geocaches and the hashpoint.


Phone's navigator showed that the hashpoint was 45 km from home. Actually I checked it after the trip, as I didn't use the navigator to get there. First I searched a multicache in Tenhola (Swedish: Tenala) village, then drove 25 km to the hash. The road was familiar to me, as I visit Padva beach once or twice each summer.

The hashpoint was on a ploughed field some 35 metres from a small road. Swedish name of the road is Fårtvättsvägen, Finnish Fårtvättintie. The Finnish name has been formed from the original Swedish name by changing genitive 's' to 'in' and vägen (= road) to tie (= road). That's necessary because we Finnish speakers wouldn't otherwise understand it's a road. And vice versa, where applicable.

The road leads to a place called... Fårtvätten. I think it means Sheep Washing. I had never thought there has been need to practice such thing. Google finds a picture about sheep washing. Probably there isn't a sheep washing pool in the end of the road, if there has ever been.

So I parked next to a barn, changed to rubber boots and loped to the hash on the clayey field. I noticed from the map that there's a giant's kettle about 200 m west from Fårtvättsvägen. I should have walked there through the forest. Instead, I jumped to the car and hoped there is a car park on the side of the paved road, as the pothole was closer to it. But there wasn't room for the car, so I skipped the minor attraction. I searched two more nearby geocaches: Bredvik Bunker and Trollklyftan.



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